Kwantu Private Game Reserve


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Kwantu Private Game Reserve

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Kwantu Private Game Reserve
Sidbury, Eastern Cape,
South Africa

A mystical blend of nature and history awaits you. Situated in the heart a malaria free Eastern Cape on the Legendary Sidbury Plains a BIG 5 African Adventure begins where you can experience five star hospitality and enjoy the pure tranquility that the reserve has to offer. Home to 5 of the 7 biomes, this untouched wilderness boasts a past as rich as its abundant wildlife population.

On the reserve you can relax in the Day Centre overlooking a watering hole and enjoy traditional African mouthwatering cuisine with a touch of spice. Luxury accommodation to suit your style is available in either the hotel named after Pollards INN or one of the 5 lodges.

The reserve is home to the village of Sidbury, built by the British Settlers to support the sheep farming community. Here you will find St Peter`s church built in 1838, one of the oldest Anglican churches in South Africa. The village has many tales to tell of the British Settlers whose cries rang out in the 1820`s on the plains as they battled Bushmen, Hottentots and the Xhosa tribes to establish a new life in Africa. Weary travellers and locals shared stories of blood curlding encounters with lions, leopards and elephants as they rested at Pollards INN the popular stopover on the Wagon route that ran north from Algoa Bay now Port Elizabeth. Today in this still quaint village of Sidbury you will find the local cricket team enjoying a gentleman`s game on one of the oldest cricket grounds in South Africa.

Kwantu Game Reserve will capture your imagination during your stay and leave you physically and mentally rejuvenated, soulfully inspired and in awe of our magnificent slice of Africa.