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Airline Information:
Code: NZ
Country: New Zealand

From Kaitaia in the temperate north to Invercargill in the deep south, Air New Zealand proudly serves 26 destinations across the two main islands of New Zealand. Over 470 flights per day.

Over 130 direct flights per week from Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown to Perth / Adelaide / Melbourne / Sydney / Brisbane / Cairns.
Over 30 direct flights per week from Auckland to Apia / Nadi / Niue / Norfolk Island / Noumea / Papeete / Raratonga / Tonga.
Longhaul routes from Auckland to Hong Kong / Honolulu / London / Los Angeles / Osaka / San Francisco / Shanghai / Tokyo / Vancouver

Air New Zealand: Baggage

Note: Guideline only

There are limits on the number of pieces and weight of baggage allowed, which vary with where you are travelling. See checked in baggage and carry-on baggage for details, including restrictions on the excess baggage and liquids, aerosols and gels you may carry on board with you. If you require a larger baggage allowance you can purchase Prepaid Extra Bags online for selected Air New Zealand flights and save on the airport excess baggage rates.

For delayed baggage, if you have your reference number you can check its status with our online baggage tracing service.

Baggage allowance calculator is available on

Carry-on bag size

The size of a bag is calculated by measuring its length, width and height (including any wheels and packed away handles), then adding the three measurements together. The total for any carry-on bag can be up to 118cm (46.5 inches).

Number of carry-on bags you can take

  • Economy fares - one bag plus one small item, such as a handbag or thin / small laptop
  • Premium Economy,  Business and connecting Business passengers, plus Airpoints™ Gold, Elite and Star Alliance Gold members - two bags plus one small item, such as a handbag or laptop

Carry-on bag weight

  • Economy passengers - up to 7kg (15lb)
  • Premium Economy,  Business and connecting Business passengers, Airpoints Gold, Elite and Star Alliance Gold members - up to 14kg (30lb) total with one item weighing up to 10kg (22lb)

Number of bags included in our fares

Each of our fares, apart from Seat, includes a checked-in baggage allowance. If you want to take more, you can purchase a Prepaid Extra Bag as part of your booking or any time before your day of travel. The maximum number is three bags per person, including any Prepaid Extra Bags or frequent flyer membership extras1.

  • On our domestic flights, the Seat + Bag, Flexi Time and Smart Saver fares include one checked-in bag; Flexi Plus fares include two
  • On our international flights, Seat + Bag, The Works2 and Economy fares include one checked-in bag, Works Deluxe and Premium Economy fares include two, and Business Premier™ and Business fares include three
  • If you’re connecting to or from a domestic flight as part of a single-ticketed international journey, your international checked-in baggage allowance also applies for the domestic flight
  • Koru members can add an extra bag for no charge to the standard allowance for their fare (not a family member's fare), except for Business and Seat fares. See Koru benefits for more details

1 Airpoints™ Gold, Elite, and Star Alliance Gold members can add an extra bag for no charge to the standard allowance for their fare (not a family member’s fare), where the ticketed itinerary has two or more Star Alliance airlines, except for Seat fares.

2 For The Works fares to Honolulu the baggage allowance is two checked bags.

Weight of each checked-in bag

The maximum weight of any checked-in bag included in your fare is 23kg (50lb). By paying an excess baggage charge at the airport you can extend this to 32kg (70lb) if there is space on the aircraft, but it’s usually cheaper and more certain to purchase a Prepaid Extra Bag. Bags over 32kg cannot be accepted and will need to be repacked.

Checked-in bag size

The size of a bag is calculated by measuring its length, width and height, then adding the three measurements together. The total for each checked-in bag allowance is up to 158cm (62 inches). You may be able to check in a larger bag by paying an oversize charge at the airport, if it’s within oversized limits and there is space on the aircraft. Your other option is to repack into two bags that are within the size limits and purchase a Prepaid Extra Bag. To learn more see overweight, oversized and sporting items.

Smart baggage

Increasing innovation by baggage manufacturers is seeing technologies being integrated into baggage which poses a safety hazard to airlines, as they contain lithium batteries, motors, power banks, GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, RFID or Wi-Fi technology. These products are commonly referred to as 'Smart' Baggage.

Smart Baggage powered by lithium batteries may be carried as cabin baggage on Air New Zealand operated services, provided the baggage complies with existing cabin baggage size and weight limitations and the power rating of the batteries is less than 100Wh. See travelling with lithium batteries.

Smart Baggage may only be accepted as checked-in baggage if the batteries are removed and carried in the cabin with the passenger.

Note: Due to overhead storage limitations, bluesmart baggage is unable to be accommodated in the cabin of Air New Zealand Regional (turbo-prop) aircraft.


Air New Zealand Premium Economy

Premium economy is always in booking classes – A,O, E, U in order of lowest to highest.
Depending if farebasis is available to sell for the specific departure date.

Air New Zealand USA Travel

Travel to the USA
For all pax travelling to the USA, travel agents must advise passport details (number & nationality) & gender in the GDS system. Please enter:
Galileo: SI.P1S1/DOCS*P/GB/S12345678/GB/12JUL66/M/23OCT09/SMITH/JOHN/RICHARD
Includes date of birth (before gender) & passport expiry date (after gender).

Star Alliance

Star Alliance has 28 member airlines, each with its own distinctive culture and style of service. Alliance members come together to offer smooth connections across a vast global network. A project company based in Frankfurt, Germany, coordinates Star Alliance activities, including co-locations at airports, infrastructure, communication initiatives and other services to improve your travel experience.

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