Posted: 13 Jun 2016 Learn a new thing every day

learn a new thing everyday

You might be surprised to learn that The GSA Travel Marketing Magazine has been around for 37 years. It revolutionised the life of many travel agents in Southern Africa and because it was such an integeral part of their daily lives, it eventually became one of the text books used in Travel & Tourism courses around South Africa. You can guarantee that every trip that you’ve ever booked through a travel agent - The GSA magazine was used as a reference for your holiday - be it visa information, flight info, travel insurance, car hire or ideas on which game lodge or guest house to use. 

So after all these years of just being a company serving the travel industry, we’ve decided to open our doors to the public and we are so excited to have you, the consumer, as part of our lives now too! 

Our website is full of travel information so start browsing now and feel free to click on the “Chat with the GSA” at the bottom of the homepage if you have any queries. You will also find a link to Travel Ideas on our site, this is our sister magazine full of stories from the around the world. 

We are also starting a web log. More commonly known as a blog. 

Things you can look forward to reading in our web log.......(blog)

1. Everything travel, including random travel articles like “Places around the world where you’re most likely to get sunburnt”

2. Updates from  “The Visa Vrou” - she is very clued up on visa information. When she isn’t on the phone to a Consulate somewhere in the world, she is putting up the visa information onto this website. Basically she has no life outside visas. 

3. Other stuff

Follow our blog and lets shake things up a bit!