Posted: 5 Jul 2016 It's a Bleisure

What used to be put plain and simply as "a business and pleasure trip” has now been conveniently rolled into one fun word - Bleisure.

The bleisure travellers are the new ‘tribe’ of fun business travellers. To get their best work done, they say, they are shunning the all-work-and-no-play hamster wheel of a business trip and mixing it up with a bit of relaxation time.

Whether its a morning spent at a Turkish bath before a big meeting in Istanbul or a gelato and a wander through the mesmerising streets of Rome before a conference call, acclimatizing to the country they’re in not only helps them to be more relaxed, inspired and motivated when it’s work time - it also gives a better understanding of the city they’re in, which is a plus when engaging with your foreign counter-parts. Conversations-starters like “Those hairy Turkish men give a great back massage”, will put everyone at ease at the start of the meeting. (Or not). 

In a recent poll which consisted of every single business traveller in the entire world ....... no, not really but a poll was taken consisting of a lot of business travellers - the results were that 60% of them incorporated leisure into their business trips nowadays. And 30% of them said that they had added at least two non-work related days to their trip to see the local sights. The largest group of bleisurers are between the ages of 45-54 and the second largest age group are the young, always-connected crowd - the 25-35’s. 

Hopefully establishments, both business-orientated and not, are taking note of this rise in bleisure travellers as it offers a great opportunity to increase revenues from business travellers extending their trips.