Posted: 12 Jul 2016 Skiing: Zen and Now

yoga ski

I’m trying to picture doing the ‘downward dog’ whilst strapped to a ski and going 100km/hr. Sounds unpleasant. But I could be envisioning this wrong...

(Reads up a bit about the new trend of yoga-ski holidays)

Yes I was wrong. 

Yoga-ski holidays are retreats filled with skiing and snowboarding but then yoga fixtures throughout your stay too that will help with your warm up, cool down, balance, subtlety, co-ordination and of course, your zen. 

There’s an aray of yoga-ski holidays to choose from, ranging from advanced and intense holistic getaways, to chilled beginner yogi experiences. 

It sounds magical, so I browsed the web and found few of the yoga-ski holidays experiences out there: 

val thorens yoga

Val Thorens in France offer yoga hikes, snowshoeing and gentle walks through the snowy terrain - with Pranayama Yoga incorporated (thats the breathing yoga).These half day sessions start with stretching, hiking, and a couple of breaks in between for various salutations. The other half of the day can be used for skiing till your hearts content! 

Hotel Rosa Alpina, a beautiful 5 star Relais & Chateaux family run hotel in the charming village of San Cassiano, Italy, offers wonderful days starting with breakfast - before heading out onto the slopes. A leisurely lunch on the mountain, more skiing and then evening yoga classes followed by a hearty dinner.

Now how perfect does this sound: Champagne & canapes on arrival, unlimited beer, wine and cooldrinks, a log cabin, hot breakfasts and 4-course dinners, massages, sunny balconies overlooking the mountains. And oh, of course, guided yoga sessions throughout your stay. The White Room Chalet in France offers this. 

There are a hundreds more experiences out there, so just Google “yoga-ski holidays” and start exploring your options. 


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