Posted: 20 Jul 2016 7 of the Biggest Travellers Mistakes

7 of the biggest travellers mistakes
Falling in love with a ladyboy, missing your flight and falling down the hotels stairs and breaking all your limbs are big mistakes too, but these one’s are generally avoidable....

1. Handing your most vital possessions to a stranger.

When you go through security, you usually have to place your jewelry, iPad, camera, laptop, keys, medication, phone, belt and probably more - in that tray. Chances of it getting lost or nicked are pretty high so put all your valuables in a thin pack or pouch inside your hand-luggage so that you can do it hassle-free. 
travel bag

2. Free champagne?

Next time you book a deluxe getaway celebrating a certain occasion such as a birthday, don’t forget to let the hotel know about the special event! Inform the front desk at check-in or e-mail the general manager before you arrive. Hotels often provide a free upgrade or do something extra to make your stay memorable so that you’ll take photos, tell friends, and return for future celebrations.
02 free champagne

3. Don’t be a scaredy cat

Don’t rule out a trip based solely on a travel alert or a travel warning. They are often influenced by politics and are written not just for travellers but for diplomats who end up in places and situations that everyday tourists do not. Many security experts say that travel warnings should be taken with a pinch of salt. Sometimes a place really is too risky to visit though so check with authorities beforehand. 
03 travel warnings

4. Failing to visit the one place on your cruise itinerary that was your top priority.

Many people choose a cruise for that one port of call they’ve always dreamed of seeing. Then, thanks to it being closed or rough seas or something, the ship cancels the port call. If your life’s dream is to see the Acropolis, book a cruise that starts or ends in Athens, rather than stopping there mid-cruise.
04 cruise stops

5. Getting stuck paying for rental-car damages you didn’t cause.

Don’t just check your car at pickup for scratches and dents. Be sure to photograph any damage you see (outside and inside the car) and get a written record of the state of the car at pickup. Only return the car when the office is open, and request a written record that you returned a damage-free car.
05 car hire

6. Assuming your passport is valid

You checked the expiration date on your passport to make sure it precedes the date of your flight home, but you forgot that certain countries require that passports be valid for six months past the date of your flight home. Check up on the country’s exit requirements before you leave!
06 passport

7. No white shoes please

Nothing marks you as a tourist more than your brand-new white shoes and camera around your neck. Comfy footwear is a must, but the goal is to blend in, so pack broken-in shoes and buy new ones upon your return. Similarly, pack old clothes that you’re ready to throw out; leave them behind at your destination to make room in your bag for clothing you buy locally. 
07 white shoes