Posted: 25 Jul 2016 Travel APPS you can use offline

offline travel apps

1. City Maps 2 Go

Can’t find a wifi spot? No problem, with City Maps you can get offline maps, routing and city guides and save all the places that you want to go in map collections. You can also book attraction tickets, experiences and guided tours from the app.  Find it on the istore or android store
city maps to go

2.Google Translate

Simple misunderstandings can get you into hot water, like my friend Bob once innocently said to the hotel concierge in France “Can I take advantage of your chambermaid”. That didn’t go down too well but he of course meant can she come to his room to clean it !
Anyway to keep safe Google Translate lets you download many different language packs for offline use, making for quick and usually correct translations. 
google translate

3. Gogobots

Gogobots slogan is ‘Explore, Plan and Book - anywhere in the world’ . The website looks great so visit it for all the finer details but in a nutshell there are reviews on everything around the world from a great meal having been had to beautiful garden disovered.
You can also click on your style of travel, so if you’re a backpacker, a spiritual traveller, adverturer, family going abroad or even a luxury traveller - there is specifically chosen travel info for you. Hotels, recommendations on where to go, restaurants, tips, events in an area ... this app has got it all. And it works offline. 

4. Guide Pal

At Guide Pal they’re all about curated city guides from relaibale sources. Their experts reveal the hard-to-find, top-quality places loved by locals. Explore their expert guides for inspiration and collect all your favourite places in your own beautiful digital guides, which you can then refer to when needed. 

5. Tripit

Enjoy the benefits of Tripit by following these 3 simple steps
1. Forward all your hotel, flight, car rental and restaurant confirmations etc to: 
2. They will transform your emails into an itinerary so all your plans are in one place
3. View your itinerary at any time on any device, even when you are offline.
Now that sounds handy! 

6. American Red Cross First Aid

A trip to Egypt once turned a bit hair raising for me when I landed myself in hospital with what felt like bursting insides. Turns out it was food posioning but trying to explain my symptoms to the non-English speaking doctors was a nightmare. There was lots of charades involved. I wish I’d known about this app called American Red Cross First Aid. Its a free app with step by step instructions for dealing with several of the most common health emergencies. The video training is a nice touch, helping you prepare in advance rather than being thrown in the deep end when there’s a problem.
first aid
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