River Cruising - North America

The rivers of North America run through incredible gorges and national parks, past fascinating towns and provide some of the best land excursions. 

Mississippi River: The Mississippi runs through 10 states (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana) and cruises are generally divided into upper-Mississippi and lower-Mississippi. The river is synonymous with Huckleberry Finn, and steamboat replicas have been built to house guests during their cruise.

Columbia River: The Columbia is a 2000-km long river which originates in British Columbia (Canada) and passes through Washington DC.  Waterfalls, scenic trails, fantastic museums and indigenous sites are some of the features to look forward to.

Snake River: The Snake River originates in the Yellowstone National Park and runs through several gorges, including Hell's Canyon - one of the deepest in the world. 

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