Asia & Far East

Ancient temples, great Buddha statues, bustling cities, forests and wildlife are just some of the experiences to be enjoyed in Asia.

East Asia Cruises: Japan, China and Korea. 
South-East Asia Cruises: Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma (Myanmar), Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong.
South-West Asia: India, Sri Lanka & Maldives. Visit our cruise guide on this destination.  
Expedition Cruises: Travel to the South China Sea, study orangutans and other wild and rare critters, visit less-traveled areas including the Mekong River in Vietnam, the rarely seen sights of Borneo in Malaysia, and remote islands in Indonesia.

Cruise seasons

East Asia cruises are best in winter, when the weather is cooler and the rainy season has passed.
South-East Asia cruises are usually scheduled from November - March.  

Cruise Lines