EU - Mediterranean

Mediterranean cruises are ideal for those who love art and antiquities, history and culture, and religious architecture. 

The Mediterranean has cruises from virtually every major cruise line. While there are many cruise types and cruise lengths to choose from the major distinction is whether a cruise is an Eastern or Western Mediterranean cruise or an extended cruise.

The Eastern Mediterranean is the area that covers the Adriatic coast of  Italy & Croatia, Greece, Turkey and the Black Sea. Some cruises may extend into the Holy Land and Egypt. 

The Western Mediterranean is the area from the west coast of Italy and covers France, Spain and North Africa including the Atlantic coast of Morocco and the Canary Islands.

Extended Mediterranean cruises are more than just a combination of east or western Mediterranean cruises. The size of the Med and the range of major ports allows cruise lines to offer a huge range of 10 to 14 day (and longer) itineraries. 

Cruise seasons
The main season is from March to October to take advantage of the longer days and warmer weather, but there are options available all year round.

Cruise Lines