Africa - Southern & South Africa

This region covers the southern half of Africa - from Senegal on the west, down to South Africa, and up to Tanzania on the east.

South Africa & South-East Africa Itineraries: perfect as part of a safari-holiday, these cruises typically cover the region from South Africa (Cape Town or Durban) up to Tanzania.  Stops along the way can include Mozambique, Zanzibar and the Indian Ocean Islands. 

South Africa & South-West Africa Itineraries: cruises along the west coast typically run between Walvis Bay in Namibia and ports in South Africa. This region is also added as a segment of a world cruise, which can include stops higher on the western coast, including Senegal, Ghana, Togo and Cape Verde. 

Indian Ocean Islands: Trips to the islands of Mauritius, Seychelles and Madagascar sail from Cape Town or Durban.  For more information, visit the Indian Ocean cruise guide

Cruise season
Cruises based out of South Africa, as well as cruises departing from the UK and World Cruises generally operate in the October to April period.

Cruise Lines