Arctic (Iceland, Greenland & Spitsbergen)

Cruises are generally centred on Iceland, Spitsbergen or Greenland. 

There is a lot to explore, polar bears, walrus, seals, and even Arctic foxes haunt the ice edge, while millions of seabirds breed and raise their young on ledges and barren islands. Inuit tribes live in settlements in Greenland and Russia's far North. 


  • Larger cruise ships include a trip to the Arctic North as a segment of their Scandinavian Cruises, usually to Spitsbergen.
  • Expedition-style and speciality ships allow passengers to disembark onto remote areas of the Sub Arctic islands, in particular Iceland and Greenland. These ships tend to be sturdy expedition style ships and do not offer all the luxury and extras associated with modern cruise ships. These cruises are dedicated to the experience and often feature experts in the region and the wild life who give lectures and lead shore excursions. 

Cruise seasons
The High Arctic is best explored in May to September, as the pack ice recedes.  Some cruise lines do have offerings in winter, despite freezing temperatures, due to the increasing popularity of the northern lights and winter activities. 

Cruise Lines