River Cruising - Asia

Asia is home to many remarkable rivers.  River cruises offer an experience of a lifetime - a chance to explore the rich diversity of Asian cultures, traditions, religion and people.  Road travel in these areas can be slow and unpleasant, and in many cases river cruises are a practical alternative. 

The length of the cruises differ - some as little as 4 days, while others are as long as 18 days. 

Cruising through Vietnam and Cambodia on the Mekong River is an unparalleled experience: the biodiversity along its banks is second only to the Amazon River.  The Yangtze river in China is the ideal way to see the cradle of China civilization.  A river cruise along the Irrawaddy in Burma (Myanmar) will take you from Mandalay (an important Buddhist spiritual centre) to Bagan (a World Heritage site with around 3,000 pagodas, temples and Buddhas, including the world’s largest reclining Buddha).  The Ganges River Cruise is the ideal way to see India - take in the sites, explore the history and enjoy the cuising - all from the comfort of your boat.

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