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  • GSA Galaxy helps you search faster and find more accurate results. Predictive search is used throughout the site to assist you in finding the results that you need. 


    search bar

    PRODUCT SEARCH - Start typing the name of the listing, city or web reference (as found in the GSA Magazine) to bring up the results you are looking for.

    For example, searching "France" will bring up a list of articles with France in the name - such as Air France, France Tourism Office and France Visa Guide. Included on the list will be all accommodation, ski resorts and rail lines that are located in France. You will also get a list of Tour Operators and Airlines that operate in France. 


    category search

    CATEGORY SEARCH - Use this search bar if you need a list of service providers in a certain category - for example, visa services or car rental. 

    For example, clicking on Tour Operators will take you to our full list of tour operators. From here you can look over the various options available in more detail. 


    country search

    COUNTRY SEARCH - Planning an international holiday? Jump straight to the country guide to find the visa information and country guide associated with the country, as well as a list of the Tour Operators, Airlines, Car Rental and other suppliers that operate in the country.