Posted: 8 Mar 2018 International Women's Day - meet the inspiring women of Trafalgar


Skilled artisans. Passionate teachers. Welcoming hosts. This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the incredible women we are proud to be associated with. These inspirational women are just a handful of those that make our trips unforgettable; welcoming our guests into their workshops, kitchens and homes to share their warmth and wisdom.


Gemma Kempthorne, England


Yoga teacher and owner of Trefranck Farm in Cornwall, Gemma Kempthorne is a woman on mission to bring wellbeing and happiness into the lives of her Trafalgar visitors. As part of our Be My Guest experience, Gemma hosts guests at her historic farm, treating them to a tasty lunch and introduction to Cornish farm life, meeting rare breed animals along the way.

Gemma also runs Rosehip Barn. Part of the Trefranck estate it’s her yoga studio and sanctuary for local, wellness-loving women. “Much of the work at Rosehip Barn is carried out by a wonderful team of women, many of whom are family or friends,” she explains. “It is a great community and I feel blessed to have such women in my life.”

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Marta Cucchia, Italy

A skilled artisan keeping the ancient art of Perugian hand-weaving alive, Marta Cucchia is the fourth generation of women in her family to run the Laboratorio Giuditta Brozzetti workshop. Housed in an atmospheric, former church, the workshop is home to giant antique looms, which Marta operates to create beautifully patterned textiles.

Supported by our parent company’s TreadRight Foundation, Marta is able to continue her work. As part of our JoinTrafalgar initiative, you can meet Marta at Laboratorio Giuditta Brozzetti and discover the fascinating craft up close, learning how your visit helps to preserve the weaving heritage.

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Poppy Salinger, France

“Since I was a little girl my mother taught me the importance of helping women and holding hands together.” Proprietor of the idyllic La Bastide Rose guesthouse in the heart of Provence, Poppy Salinger is a woman with much wisdom and many-a story to share. Widow of Pierre Salinger, former press secretary to JFK, Poppy now welcomes Trafalgar guests to La Bastide Rose – a historic mill on the banks of the Sourge - sharing her stories and hospitality.

Guests dine on Provencal cuisine prepared with ingredients fresh from the garden. “La Bastide Rose is a happy place,” she explains. “It is wonderful to share with Trafalgar guests who appreciate and enjoy what we offer.”

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Diana Lenzi, Italy

diana lenzi

A former chef who gave it all up to run her family’s Tuscan wine estate, Diana Lenzi is a woman led by her heart. Following her mother’s motto, “learn as you go” she threw herself into the business of running the Fattoria di Petroio estate, which produces the most wonderful Chianti.

Surrounded by rolling Tuscan hills, Fattoria di Petroio is unmistakably Italian and where you’ll enjoy a mouthwatering Be My Guest experience. Join Diana and her family for dinner, olive oil tasting and generous helpings of Chianti. You’ll dine on delicious polenta gnocchi and piles of fettunta bread while discovering the secrets of winemaking.

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For more information on how to meet these inspirational women on a Trafalgar guided holiday please visit or call them on (011) 280 8400.