Posted: 19 Oct 2018 Our Commitment to Eliminate Single-Use Plastics

As you probably know, plastic pollution is a major threat to our planet and it unfortunately affects all of us. As a Company with strong corporate and environmental values, we are sensitive to such issues and want to do our part, taking action as a responsible player in society.

In this context, we are glad to announce to you a global initiative we just launched across the world: the MSC Cruises Plastics Reduction Programme. Under this Programme, by the end of March 2019 we will effectively phase out an extensive number of plastic items from all our ship operations and ashore, and will replace them with environmentally friendly solutions. This commitment is part of our environmental stewardship programme, which aims at conserving and protecting our planet’s most precious resource: the seas and the oceans.

We think it is extremely important and valuable to communicate this initiative to you as it is our joint-mission to provide our clients with the best holiday experiences at sea – and we are committed to doing so in a sustainable way. We are on an ongoing journey to reduce our environmental impact and the imminent elimination of single-use plastic items from across our entire fleet globally is an additional step that we are taking in that direction.

As a first step, we have already taken action to replace by the end of 2018 all plastic straws with 100% compostable and biodegradable substitutes. Additionally, all single-use plastic shopping bags, spoons, glasses, stirrers, and other single-use plastic items for which substitution is available will be permanently eliminated and replaced by environmentally-friendly alternatives. Packaging from single-portion items such as butter cups, jams or yoghurts will be removed and processes will be optimized to provide guest-friendly and convenient solutions.

With this programme we are putting our commitment into practice and continue making headway in the environmental space. The environment is everyone's business and we trust you’re enthusiastic to join us on this journey and promote an even more sustainable cruise experience with us – informing all our clients accordingly.

If you want to know more about our Plastics Reduction Program, please visit the ‘news’ section on our website