Posted: 12 Feb 2019 Trafalgar celebrate 10 years of Be MY Guest

Industry leader Trafalgar has today launched a campaign to honour a monumental 10 years of their exclusive Be My Guest experiences, the original and most immersive local travel experiences that reshaped the travel industry in 2009.

Exclusively available to Trafalgar guests on every trip, Be My Guest has become synonymous with what it means to get truly local, born from the knowledge that at the heart of a unique travel experience is people and human connections. Delighting every sense, since 2009 Be My Guest has grown from one to more than 100+ one-of-a-kind included experiences that see passionate hosts opening up their homes and businesses exclusively for Trafalgar’s guests to toast, dine, explore and learn about the places visited, straight from the source.

“In a world where engaging with the authentic version of a destination has become of utmost priority for travellers, Be My Guest was a true world first and is now more relevant than ever. We recognised that travellers wanted a deeper emotional connection with the local culture, people and places well before ‘experiential travel’ became a recognised term,” says Trafalgar CEO Gavin Tollman.

Starting with an initial three trips, the story of Be My Guest began on a lemon farm in Sorrento, where two Italian sisters, relatives of a Travel Director, hosted Trafalgar’s guests for a locally home-cooked meal, great conversation, all finished off with the sisters’ own delicious limoncello. Guests immediately loved it. The brand knew they were onto something special and the Be My Guest journey began.

A decade later, Trafalgar’s Be My Guest experiences continue to deliver on travellers’ increasing desire for experiential travel, whether that’s through dining with Muhammad Ali’s brother to gain insights into the legendary boxer’s life, enjoying a three-course meal prepared by one of the former top 10 female chefs in America or connecting with a former champion jockey over tea on his dairy farm in New Zealand.   

“When we launched Be My Guest 10 years ago, we were the first to tap into the desire to find new ways of understanding the world by exposing travellers to the day-to-day lives of locals – and we’re proud to have pioneered this movement,” says Tollman.

As the birthplace of Trafalgar’s Be My Guest experiences, Italy will hold pride of place in the 10-year anniversary celebrations and to kick things off, the brand is offering R5000 per couple off selected Italy trips. With Italy offering no less than 11 individual Be My Guest experiences across the country, there’s guaranteed to be plenty of choice for guests, whatever trip they choose.

Guests can savour crisp Chianti and Tuscan farm to table fare with the Landi family at their 300 year old villa, delve into the history of the Pazzi and Medici feud in the 12th-century Castle of Trebbio and enjoy local cuisine with Count Miari Fulcis on his 15th-century organic olive oil estate, used as a location for many famous films like ‘Room with a View’ and ‘Tea with Mussolini’. 

“With our AgentsFirst approach, Trafalgar continues to innovate and deliver the best travel experiences in the industry – Be My Guest being the one of which we are most proud. Loved by our guests, we look forward to celebrating in 2019 alongside our value agent partners, and continuing to offer your clients the best possible travel experiences they cannot and will not get elsewhere,” concludes Tollman.