Posted: 7 May 2019 New Easy Way For Travellers to Reduce Plastic Usage with Launch of Innovative Contiki Water Bottle

An eco-friendly, travel-friendly water bottle with an advanced 2-stage filtration system that removes 99.7% of bacteria  - it’s a promising new response to the plastic problem  from  youth travel leader Contiki Holidays, seeking to change the way people travel for good.

With annual consumption of plastic bottles set to top half a trillion by 2021, Contiki Holidays launches a new eco-friendly filtering water bottle, encouraging travellers to reduce their plastic usage and save money every time they travel.

The Contiki Water Bottle is a travel-friendly water bottle featuring a high-grade silicone body that can be folded up for easy carrying while not in use. The advanced in-built 2-stage filtration system removes 99.7% of bacteria, creating cleaner, safer drinking water anywhere in the world and removing the need for buying harmful single-use plastics.

A water bottle may seem like a surprising choice of product for the market leader in the youth travel industry, but it’s a fitting response to the growing eco-consciousness of Gen-Z, Contiki’s primary audience. Most young travellers would own a reusable water bottle for everyday use, but since only 58% of countries in Europe have safe drinking water, the new Contiki Water Bottle solves the problem of access to safe drinking water while abroad.

Contiki aims to empower travellers to shun single-use plastics when they travel. By using the Contiki Water Bottle, the average traveller can both drastically reduce their plastic usage and save an average of R56 a day while travelling - adding up to an impressive saving of R784 on a 14-day trip - that could be spent instead on amazing travel experiences.

The Contiki Water Bottle is just one part of the delivery of Contiki’s ongoing commitment to sustainability. Having already removed most single use plastics from Contiki offices worldwide, Contiki is committed to removing all unnecessary single use plastics from its supply chain and on all of its trips on the road by 2022.

The Contiki Water Bottle was developed and funded by Contiki Cares working in proud partnership with the TreadRight Foundation. Contiki Cares is the travel company’s commitment to protecting communities, wildlife and the planet, including working together with local people and artisans, protecting the world’s most at risk wildlife from extinction, and by adopting green policies, products and practices. A range of included sustainable travel experiences are also built in to Contiki’s trips across the world.

Single-use plastics are one of the biggest threats facing the world’s marine environments and oceans today. Sadly, the travel industry is a major contributor to the problem, with travellers buying single-use plastic bottles on a daily basis on their travels. 

This summer, the new Contiki Water Bottle is being sold at a reduced not-for-profit price of US$15 including worldwide shipping, to encourage travellers to ditch plastics on their travels once and for all.

Travellers can order the bottle online at or buy it directly at The Basement, Contiki’s jump-off point for its Europe trips starting in London.

The bottle is shipped in fully recyclable packaging, made of recycled PET bottles that would have ended up in landfill. At the end of its life cycle, each part of the bottle and packaging can be recycled.


  • Made from high grade silicon - BPA free and contains absolutely no harmful chemicals
  • The bottle packaging is constructed from recycled PET bottles which were otherwise destined for landfill, and is itself fully recyclable
  • The ultra-filtration membrane is good for 1000 refills, meaning 4000 less single use plastic bottles over its lifetime (replacement filters can also be purchased at
  • The bottle can be recycled at your local recycling centre at the end of its lifecycle
  • Through Contiki Cares we’re subsidising 50% of the cost of each bottle (and providing free shipping) to make the eco-friendly choice accessible to all travellers


  • One of the greatest threats our oceans are facing today is plastic. A product that can take up to 1,000 years to break down, plastic items now clog our streams, rivers and oceans, creating a catastrophic impact on both mammal and marine life.
  • The average traveller buys 3 big single-use plastic bottles of water a day while travelling
  • Annual consumption of plastic bottles is set to top half a trillion by 2021 - that’s more than a million bottles bought every minute. More than half of these plastic bottles end up in landfill or in oceans.
  • Producing a 1L bottle of water actually takes 3 times as much water to create, not to mention the millions of gallons of oil used to create plastic for bottles

Teresa Richardson, TTC South Africa's Managing Director says, “At Contiki we believe that travelling sustainably and consciously matters. Knowing that water is unsafe to drink in many parts of the world, we didn’t just want to offer another reusable water bottle for our travellers. This is why we developed the Contiki water bottle to not only be made from 100% recycled materials, but also come with a built-in filtration system. This is no ordinary bottle – it's travel-friendly, eco-friendly, and provides safer drinking water, so travellers can reduce their plastic use and save money every time they travel. Right now, we’re also subsidising 50% of the cost of each bottle to make it affordable for all our travellers. This has been a true passion project as part of our Contiki Cares commitment to removing all unnecessary single-use plastics by 2022, and I’m proud of this product we’ve created with sustainability front of mind”.

Kele Scheppers, TTC SA Marketing Manager says, "Our commitment to sustaining the places we visit is one of the core pillars here at Contiki, and we share this with our travellers in a number of ways – from our We to Me trips where travellers can volunteer alongside a local community in Latin America or India, to using the greenest travel option available, Euro 6 coaches as our means of travel in Europe. Making the Contiki Water Bottle available to travellers on their trips makes it even easier for them to join us as we positively impact the places we visit."