Posted: 5 Dec 2019 ‘Alexa, Pack My Bags!’ Contiki launches world-first Alexa Skill which will make you an instant packing pro.


It can be hard to know what to pack sometimes. You look at your holiday itinerary and decide you need 7 outfits. Then you try and pack 32, just to be safe, along with hair straighteners, a kettle and your dog.

But don't panic, Contiki has sorted out the packing checklist with simple and environmentally sustainable lists that go straight to your phone.

Contiki has teamed up with Alexa to unveil the first-ever Amazon Alexa Skill that creates bespoke holiday packing lists. Contiki: Pack My Bags is now available to download on Amazon, and was designed in response to the rising use of voice-enabled technology, with 45% of millennials using voice assisted technology[1] and 71.4% of the smart home market comprising of 18 – 34 year-olds[2].

The Contiki Alexa Skill will make packing a breeze by creating personalised packing lists that are perfectly tailored to traveller’s holiday destinations. Alexa then collates your packing list into an interactive list within the Alexa app, as well as sharing via email to the account attached to the user’s Amazon ID.

Whether users are heading to North America’s national parks, the snowy mountains of Japan, or the historical cities of Europe, Contiki: Pack My Bags will provide helpful suggestions on what to pack based on the season, with the aim of preventing users overpacking for travelling with unnecessary items.

As part of the Contiki Cares initiative, the skill encourages users to think about environmentally conscious travelling with advice on how users can pack more sustainably. The “Pack My Bags” voice skill recommends products that are more sustainable, such as ocean-friendly sunscreen and discourages the use of single-use plastics.

The skill has also been built to include destination specific visual elements, which enhances the experience for those using it with Smart Speakers featuring screens, as well as making it Fire TV compatible.

Contiki: Pack My Bags is simple to use, just follow these steps:

  1. Enable ‘Contiki Pack my bags’
  2. Say yes when prompted for list access - that's where we save the items on your packing list you still need to get.
  3. Ask the device, “Alexa, pack my bags” to trigger the skill
  4. Tell Alexa the destination and the month of travel
  5. Alexa will recommend items for you to pack such as clothes, accessories and toiletries 
  6. Let Alexa know whether you have these items or not, with the missing items added to a packing list
  7. Add additional items to the list by saying “Alexa, add to my Contiki packing list”
  8. Go to the Alexa App to access the packing lists, they will also be emailed to you

Marketing Manager for The Travel Corporation, parent company to Contiki, Kele Scheppers: “With 50% of all searches predicted to be voice searches by 2020[3] we saw an opportunity to create a voice skill for Alexa that was both fun and useful for users, capturing Contiki’s exciting brand identity. When looking at our best performing content on our publisher site Six-Two, we realised there was a demand for help when people were packing for their travels. This inspired the concept for ‘Contiki Pack My Bags’ , designed to take the stress out of packing and enrich traveller’s holiday experience - from packing through to travelling. If you always pack too much, or too little, or never actually use any of the items you pack then this skill is here to help.”

Visit the amazon store to enable


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