Posted: 3 Mar 2020 Contiki and Nadine Sykora Launch World Wildlife Day Video

 Canadian travel vlogger, @heynadine, recently travelled to East Africa to learn more about why East Africa’s Great Migration numbers are declining

This year for World Wildlife Day on March 3rd, Contiki partnered with Canadian travel expert and YouTuber, Nadine Sykora (@heynadine) to take a deeper look at East Africa’s famed Great Migration. As part of its Contiki Cares ethos to Make Travel Matter for people, the planet and its wildlife, Sykora travelled to Kenya and Tanzania on a 12-day East Africa Safari adventure. Her mission was to investigate why certain animal species are declining, why the Great Migration is changing and what global citizens can do to help. Today, Contiki in collaboration with Sykora released an informative video featuring first-hand accounts and advice from local guides, conservationists and experts who work closely with wildlife.

“Wildlife in East Africa has always been one of the world’s greatest sights, so experiencing them in their natural habitat was very impactful,” says Nadine Sykora, Canadian travel expert and honorary Contiki ambassador. “Having the opportunity to learn directly from the locals and experts who work with these animals every day highlights how education and sustainable travel are two of the most important factors in contributing to us all having a positive role in conservation for these beautiful animals.”

Throughout her trip Sykora met with local guides in Kenya and Tanzania, a Maasai Village leader and staff conservationists at the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (otherwise known as the Giraffe Centre) and the David Sheldrake Elephant Orphanage. Two key issues affecting wildlife were continuously raised: (1) urbanization and human-wildlife conflict are restricting movement and leaving some animals orphaned and (2) climate change is altering the rainy season and herds are splitting out in search of food and water.

“We are listening to our guests who are Gen-Z and millennials, and travelling sustainably is a top priority for them,” says Kele Scheppers, Marketing Manager for The Travel Corporation, parent company to Contiki. Contiki Cares ‘Wildlife’ pillar is our commitment to protecting the animals we encounter at home and abroad. We’re honoured to work with Nadine to continue supporting and educating on ethical animal experiences and protecting the world’s most at risk wildlife, so the unmatched magic of East Africa’s wildlife can be enjoyed for generations to come.”

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