The Gautrain System is an integrated transport system, linking 3 metropolitan areas – Johannesburg, Pretoria and Ekurhuleni. It provides passengers with fast, efficient and safe transportation.

Gautrain's train, bus and parking services are all fully integrated and may be used separately or jointly by transferring from one to another. These services are all accessed by means of a contactless smart card: your Gautrain Gold Card. You can access the station parking facilities without a Gautrain Gold Card if you’re a first time user (you'll be issued with a paper ticket), but you will need a valid Gautrain Gold Card to use either the trains or the buses or to exit the parking. Please note that cash is not accepted on either the trains or the buses or at parking exit gates.

Your Gautrain Gold Card enables you to load a variety of different journey products, ranging from single 'Pay As You Go' trips, seven day passes and to 35-day passes, onto the same card and to re-use this card over and over again. You also have the opportunity to register your card with us, which will enable us to blacklist your card should it be lost or stolen. Any unutilised value in the pay-as-you-go section on the lost card can then be transferred to a new card for you. Please note that there is a refund handling fee of R40.

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Work 0800 428 87246 / lost & found 011 253 0254