Shosholoza Meyl

Shosholoza Meyl promises that each of our passengers will be treated to "A Pleasant Experience" from the moment they book and buy their ticket throughout their journey by train until they disembark at their end destination.

Johannesburg - Cape Town - Johannesburg
Johannesburg - Durban - Johannesburg
Johannesburg - Port Elizabeth - Johannesburg
Johannesburg - East London - Johannesburg
Cape Town - Queenstown - Cape Town
Cape Town - East London - Cape Town

Tourist Class - Consists of Sleeper Accommodation
Passengers have a choice between a coupe that can accommodate two people and a compartment that can take-up to four people. During the day the compartment/ coupe are suites and at night they are converted into bedrooms, with both having hot and cold water. In addition both have a basin beneath a fold-up table.

Economy Class - consists of Sitting Accommodation
The comfortable seats all have head and back rests, and offer lots of legroom and overhead luggage facility .

Ablution Facilities
Tourist Class - Communal toilets and showers are available at both ends of each coach. Towels are not provided
Economy Class - Communal toilets are available at both ends of each coach.

Bedding - Tourist Class Only
To make sure you have a good night's sleep, fresh bedding is available at an additional cost. You are also welcome to take your own bedding into your compartment. Bedding tickets can be purchased on board the train. The Bedding Attendant will make your bed and clean your compartment/coupe.

Food and snacks can be purchased from the dining car and for passengers who prefer to stay in their compartment/coupe, a trolley service is available.

Dining Car Manager
The Dining Car Manager supervises the dining car and the personnel, and arranges meal sittings. This is the person to speak to in connection with all matters related to catering and special dietary requirements. Please do remember to inform us about your dietary requirements when making a booking.

Motor Car Transportation
Shosholoza Meyl has the capacity to transport motor vehicles and 4x4 vehicles to and from the following stations:
Johannesburg - Cape Town
Johannesburg - Durban

Contact Details

Shosholoza Meyl

Work 086 000 8888