Eurostar is a high-speed train that connects London with Brussels (Belgium) and Paris (France). The Eurostar trains ride through the channel tunnel between Great Britain and France.

Why travel with Eurostar?

It’s très simple.

  • Seamless city centre to city centre travel
  • No shuttle buses to the city, no baggage reclaim, no worrying about liquids at security
  • Up to eighteen trains a day
  • Faster than flying, door to door
  • Great value fares
  • Fast and convenient check-in at just 30 minutes for Standard and Standard Premier passengers and 10 minutes for Business Premier travellers
  • Comfort and space to work or unwind
  • Simple and generous compensation policy for delays or cancellations
  • Up to 80% less carbon dioxide emissions than flying

Simplicity and speed

Our trains can reach a maximum speed of 300km per hour (that’s 186 miles per hour) on the high speed lines in the UK, France and Belgium.

Our regular journey times are:

  • London to Paris - 2 hours 15 minutes
  • London to Brussels - 2 hours
  • London to Lille - 1 hour 20 minutes.


  • London - Calais
  • London - Lille
  • London - Paris
  • London - Brussels
  • London - Avignon via Gare du Nord
  • London - Aime via Gare du Nord - Gare de Lyon - Chambéry-Challes-les-Eaux
  • London - Bourg-Saint-Maurice

Note for Passholders: Eurostar is not included in the Eurail or France Rail Pass, however passholders may qualify for passholder discounts.