Glacier Express

The Glacier Express is the most famous railway in the world. It travels from Zermatt to Davos or St. Moritz in around seven hours. It is a day trip through untouched mountain landscapes, glamorous health resorts, deep gorges, delightful valleys, 91 tunnels and across 291 impressive bridges.

Route: Zermatt–St. Moritz
Distance: 291 km
Duration: 7h 30min

Conditions for Eurail pass holdersEurail passes including Switzerland are valid between St.Moritz and Disentis, but are not valid between Disentis and Zermatt. However, holders of a Eurail pass are entitled to a 25% discount on the additional tickets in this section. Seat reservation, or dining car reservation, at extra cost, is compulsory. In order to obtain the 25% discount, you need to buy the ticket directly at the station.

Valid Passes: Eurail Pass , Swiss Pass