Finland is the ideal winter-destination, offering not just skiing and snowboarding, but a wide range of winter activities.

Ski Season

The winter season is long.  In Northern Finland (Lapland), there is snow fall from November until May. In Southern and Central Finland, the snow season is from December to late March. In the Arctic Circle, the long days mean that you ski for 12 -14 hours in sunshine.

Winter Activities

Because of the long winters, there are a wide range of winter activities to keep you going, even when there is no snow. Finland is popularly known as the home of Santa Claus, and a traditional Finnish Christmas in one to remember.

Activities include

- Ice Skating
- Ice Fishing
- Icy dips in the water, followed by a sauna
- Sledging
- Skiing
- Snowboarding

The Weather in Winter

Temperatures can drop to below 30 degrees, but due to the dry air, it does not feel as cold as you would think (or that is what they have us believe). 

Skiing in Finland

Lapland, in the North, is the most popular ski region, due to its long winters and long days, but there are ski resorts all over Finland. Skiing is a popular pasttime in Finland, and most Finns know how to ski. There are plenty of ski schools, and all ranges of experience will find suitable slopes. 

Ski Resorts