Iso-Syote (Iso-Syöte)

Iso-Syote (Iso-Syöte) Ski Region is located in the southern region of Finland.

Iso-Syöte has 17 slopes and 10 lifts, for all levels of skiers and snowboarders to both practice and learn new challenges.

  • Iso-Syöte “Front Slopes” are 1200 meters long, easy to intermediate difficulty.
  • Iso-Syöte Snow World is designed for children. Here, they can learn to ski or, if they are more experienced, practice their skills in a fun environment.
  • Iso-Syöte “back slopes” are long and challenging runs for more experienced skiers and boarders.
  • Freeride Park is located at the back of Iso-Syöte. It is the perfect playground for free skiers and -boarders
  • Iso-Syöte SnowParks covers everybody from beginners to pro riders. Three different difficulty lines ensure that you are able to, safely, progress fast as a skier or rider.

Season: end November - end April