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Gansbaai, Western Cape,
South Africa
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Looking for the ultimate shark experience in South Africa? You have come to the right place! Our professional team will take you on a diving adventure that you will never forget.

• We are rated no. 1 on Trip Advisor.
• We have a 20 year’s unblemished safety record.

Great White Shark Tours operates in the area known as Dyer Island, situated 7km from the launch at Kleinbaai, near Gansbaai. Qualified skippers, with extensive experience in these waters, have excellent knowledge of the sea coupled with prevailing weather conditions. Several wind and swell predictors are consulted prior to launching.

Dyer Island boasts a banquet of food to interest the great white shark. In winter (May to September) Cape fur seal pups abound. Year round there is a wide range of fish species, smaller sharks, skates and rays to interest the world’s largest predatory fish. A powerful swimmer, the great white is able to launch its 2-ton body clear out of the water, and capable of reaching speeds of 60km/h in pursuit of its prey.

We do not feed the sharks under any circumstances. We use a scent line to attract them, and our ‘secret weapon’ is a seal cut-out called Gladys, which attracts the sharks closer to the boat.

Being a surface feeder, the great white can be seen and photographed from the surface. 

The “Apex Predator” is a state-of-the-art shark cage diving boat. A custom designed catamaran, it is 13m long and 5.1m wide, fitted with 4 x 200 HP 4 stroke engines. It features a spacious cabin with all amenities.

The diving platform gives access to a floating cage made from 12mm galvanised steel mesh. It is large enough to accommodate seven divers comfortably. All diving equipment is supplied free of charge. The sharks are not able to enter the cage and have never been interested in doing so.

A shuttle service in a luxury air-conditioned carrier is provided to and from Cape Town. The day’s events normally start anything from 07:00 to 9:00 with a healthy continental breakfast (no greasy food prior to the trip) and briefing on the company’s premises overlooking Kleinbaai harbour.