Algeria Tourist Attractions

  • The Ahaggar Mountains, also known as the Hoggar, are made chiefly of volcanic rock.  The highest point in the region, Assekrem is a famous and often visited point where Charles de Foucauld lived in the summer of 1905. He used Assekrem as place of retreat.

    The main city nearby the Ahaggar is Tamanghasset , built in a desert valley or Wadi.


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  • The marketplace of Ghardaia called “Azghar Ougharme” meaning outside the city, is located on the southwestern outskirts of the Ksar. Frequented by caravan traders from distant lands, this place remains to this day the most dynamic market of the entire region. The market square was founded around the year 1884.


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  • On the shores of the Mediterranean, Tipasa was an ancient Punic trading-post conquered by Rome and turned into a strategic base for the conquest of the kingdoms of Mauritania.

    It is an important archeological site, recognised by UNESCO on its World Heritage List, for its exceptional town-planning, architectural, historic and archaeological value.


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  • The Notre Dame d'Afrique is a 19th century Roman Catholic Church, which still offers daily mass. It is seen by many as a symbol of religious tolerance in this predominantly Muslim country.

    The wall of altar is inscribed with words, "Notre Dame d'Afrique priez pour nous et pour les Musulmans", meaning "Our Lady of Africa, pray for us and for the Muslims".


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  • Established in 1832, The Botanical Garden of Hamma (Jardin Botanique du Hamma) is considered one of the most important botanical gardens in the world. There are currently an estimated 1,200 different species of plant in the garden.


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