Namibia Tourist Attractions

  • Kolmanskop is a ghost town situated near the coastal town of Lüderitz. The town boomed after diamonds were discovered here in 1908, but by 1954 the diamonds were depleted and the town was abandoned. The large, elegant houses are now becoming enveloped by encroaching sand dunes. Tours can be arranged in Lüderitz.

    kolmanskop namibia

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  • Twyfelfontein, located in the Kunene Region, has the highest concentration of rock engravings in Africa. There are over 2000 rock engravings on 212 slabs, spread over 17 sites. 

    twyfelfontein namibia

    NB: Twyfelfontein is a remote area - not a town. Temperatures can get hot, so be sure to wear sunscreen and carry water.

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  • Etosha National Park is the best equipped and well-known of all Namibia's national parks.

    The most distinctive factor about the national park is the Etosha Pan - the largest salt pan in Africa, and visible from space. It makes up roughly a quarter of the national park.

    etosha national park

    Etosha National Park is also home to the endangered black rhino, as well as elephants, zebras, cheetahs and leopards.  There are also more than 340 bird species.

    The park is malaria-free and accessible in a sedan car. Advanced bookings are recommended.