Visa Checklist Guide

  • Please refer to the Country Guides for full requirements for each country
  • Guide Only
  • Remember that additional documentation may be required 
Application Form How many copies? Are all pages fully completed as required (i.e. block letters / black pen)? All questions filled in? Is it signed? Can form be downloaded off website?
Interview Is a personal interview required? Do only first time appliants require an interview? Does an appointment have to be made? How well in advance?
Passport Are there blank pages? Does the passport have to be valid for a certain period after intended stay? If it is a temporary passport, is it accepted in country of destination? If travelling on a foreign passport, do you have proof of permanent residency in SA? It is a South African requirement that a passport be valid at least 6 months after return.
Photos How many are required? Check whether digital photos are required / accepted. Special sizes? It is a recent photo? Is it signed on the back by your client? Colour or black and white? Remember not to wear any headgear (i.e. hats / caps etc). Must the photo be glued / stapled onto the application form or not?
Letter from Travel Agent Does your letter state full itinerary, flights, dates of departure and arrival?
Bank Letter Is one required? Does it have to state anything specific?
Sufficient Funds

Do you have proof? Have you checked with relevant Consulate / Embassy / High Commission what proof is required? Do you have required amount per person per day? Must proof be in Rand equivalent or foreign exchange? Do you need tex receipts / traveller's cheques or recent credit card statements. 

Health Documentation Are any certificates required? Are you travelling through endemic areas?
Photocopies Do you have photocopies of all documentation? It's always a good idea to keep photocopies of all documentation in a safe place in case anything gets mislaid.
Invitation Have you included business invitation / invitation to sporting event / trade fair? Family invitation / invitation from friend? Have you checked exactly which (if any) invitation is required?
Self Employment Do you require rates certificate? Certificate of ownership for your client? Statement on your own letterhead? Letter from bank that handles your business account or letter from your accounting firm? Copy of business license or registration? Account statements for your business? 
Travel Insurance Do you have correct travel insurance required and correct amount?
Business Do you have official letters from company in South Africa and company travelling to? What extra documentation is required for business travel by relevant country?
Fees Fees change on a regular basis. Have you checked on the day of payment? What are the deposit requirements? Is only cash required? Only electronic deposits?
Receipts Some consulates do not give receipts. Have you made a note of your clients' passport number and date of birth? Are they in a safe place? Does your messengar need them when collecting the visaed passport?
Processing Time  Have you checked how long the processing time is?
Collections / Delivery Have you checked the times the consulates are open for submissions and collections? Remember long queues! Remember no service on Saturdays! Consulates are closed on some of their country's national holidays - have you checked what these dates are? 
Minors Have you checked the relevant conditions / documentation / requirements for minors travelling alone? Are letters required by the parents? Check our handy guide here for the new immigration regulations for children.  
Group Visas  Remember to book groups well in advance. Have you made a copy of the visa on receipt from the consulate?
Schengen Visas Have you checked all the requirements thoroughly as many of the Schengen countries have additional requirements. Remember to apply to the country that your client is staying in the longest. For an equal number of days in each, apply to the country your client enters first. 
Accommodations Do you have all the proof of accommodation & confirmation of your booking, and a copy of the confirmation?
Other Consulates often have their own special requests. Have you checked the visa requirements thoroughly?