Bangladesh Tourist Attractions

  • The country sees a countless numbers of architectural splendours all over her land.

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    Here’s a list of places you may not want to miss:

    •    National Parliament Building
    •    Motijheel Shapla Square
    •    Shaheed Minar (Martyr Monument), Dhaka
    •    National Memorial in Savar
    •    Baitul Mukarram National Mosque
    •    Seven Domed Mosque (Saat Masjid) at Mohammadpur, Dhaka
    •    Armenian Church at Old Town, Dhaka
    •    Lalbagh Fort, Old Town, Dhaka
    •    Ahsan Manzil, Old Town, Dhaka
    •    Paharpur
    •    Mainamati
    •    Wari-Bateshwar
    •    The Sixty Dome Mosque or Shaṭ Gombuj Moshjid
    •    World War II Cemetery
    •    Kantaji Temple
    •    Shahid Minar at Jahangirnagar University
    •    Mujibnagar Smriti Saudha
    •    Martyred Intellectuals Memorial
    •    Aparajeyo Bangla
    •    Amar Ekushey
    •    Sangsaptak
    •    Shabash Bangladesh

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    Click here to see a list of UNESCO Heritage Sites in Bangladesh

  • The Sundarbans — home of the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger — are the largest littoral mangrove forest in the world as well as the most important and biggest forest of our entire country.


    The forest is famous for its semi-aquatic tigers, popularly known as the Royal Bengal Tiger including spotted deer, wild boar, rhesus monkey, salt-water crocodile, water monitor lizard, pythons, etc. The forest treasures 330 plant species, 35 species of reptiles, 400 types of fishes, 270 species of birds and 42 species of mammals.

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  • Introducing the Longest Sea Beach of the World


    Cox’s Bazar sea beach, the world’s longest natural sandy sea beach with its incredible 120 km length. It is the most visited tourist destination in Bangladesh. Every year millions of foreigner and local people come here to enjoy their holidays.

    Here you will find many Buddhist Temples and tribes, colorful Pagodas and delightful sea-food which make Cox’s bazar so special.

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  • The Sixty Dome Mosque in Bagerhat is a major tourist attraction in the area, forming part of the cultural UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the Historic Mosque City of Bagerhat.


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  • Nilgiri is one of the tallest peaks and beautiful place in Bangladesh.

    Surrounded by beautiful hilly natural views and clouds most of the time. An esthetic place for enjoying serenity with ultimate relaxation away from city boredom. You will find yourself in the embrace of the clouds.