Bahrain Tourist Attractions

  • Built on a central location between Manama and Muharraq, Bahrain National Museum houses 9 main halls, and classifies the accumulated heritage of the Kingdom of Bahrain into 6 different sections.

    Visitors to the museum will be taken on a 4,000 year journey through time as they pass through its halls, from the traditional handicrafts hall, to the customs and traditions hall, burial mounds hall, ancient documents and manuscripts hall, Tylos hall, and Islamic period hall.

    bahrain national museum

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    Bahrain Fort (Qalat al Bahrain): Known as Dilmun in ancient times, Bahrain’s rich trading history is reflected in numerous archaeological digs around the island. Qalat al-Bahrain site (Bahrain Fort site) is among the most exciting of them and is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Across the site is the Qala’at Al-Bahrain Site Museum. Read more:

    Arad Fort: Strategically located as a sea passage, Arad fort is a typical example of Omani military architecture at the end of the 15th and early 16th centuries.

    Shiekh Salman Bin Ahmed Al Fateh Fort (Riffa Fort): Sheikh Salman bin Ahmed Al-Fateh Fort, commonly known as Riffa Fort due to its location in Riffa, is an historic landmark and stands witness to one of the most important junctures in Bahrain’s history.

    Bu Maher Fort: Bu Maher Fort is located in the south of the city of Muharraq, and was first built during the Portuguese occupation of Bahrain. Renovation works on the fort commenced in the 1970’s, during which only some of it was rebuilt. In 2010, excavation works carried work at the site uncovered its original foundations and dimensions.

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  • The Tree of Life (Shajarat-al-Hayat) in Bahrain is an approximately 400 year-old, 9.75 m (32 ft) high Prosopis cineraria tree. The tree is a local tourist attraction, visited by approximately 50,000 tourists every year. It is believed to be the site for cults practising ancient rites. Since October 2010, archaeologists have unearthed pottery and other artifacts in the vicinity of the tree, some of which may date back to the Dilmun civilisation.

    bahrain tree

    The tree of life visitor’s centre is conceived as a protective circular fence that protects the tree from cars and vandalism while offering a shelter from which people can contemplate the tree from a distance. The visitor’s centre will also include archaeological artifacts, which were uncovered on site, as well as a small stage for outdoor performances and events.

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  • The Barbar complex consists of three successive temples built over 5 stages and dating back to the 2nd and 3rd millennium BC. They were built on platforms, organized around a courtyard and thought to have been constructed to worship gods. A sunken chamber enclosing a fresh water spring constitutes the focus of a cult believed to be associated with the Mesopotamia God of wisdom and sweet water Enki.

    bahrain barbar

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  • Looking for a fun-filled, splashy day out with all the family? Pack your swimming costume and a towel and get down to Wahooo!, situated in Bahrain’s city center. It’s the Middle East’s first indoor-outdoor waterpark, set over a whopping 15,000 square-meters, and it’s guaranteed to be a fun few hours if you’re looking for things to do in Bahrain.

    bahrain wahoo

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  • Shopping is a great pleasure here. In our modern malls and designer boutiques you can buy the latest fashions. But we also have a multitude of local shops that are full of character: in the vibrant souqs, such as Suq Al-Qaisariya and Bab Al Bahrain Souq, you can see everything from locally coloured fabrics, to gold and jewellery, as well as delicious local fruits, vegetables and herbs. Bahrian also holds various seasonal shopping markets.

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    Bahrain serves a great variety of cuisine. You can choose from Middle Eastern, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, European, and Mexican restaurants with both excellent cooking and ambience. Cafés – both Arabic and Western – are scattered all over the island with a fabulous variety to choose from.

    In the spirit of Bahrain’s hospitable culture, there is a bustling nightlife. You can find a variety of bars, lounges, pubs and night clubs - mainly as part of hotels' - in areas such as Juffair, Exhibition Road, Adliya and Central Manama.

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