China Tourist Attractions

  • – this is the best preserved part of the Ming Great Wall, and the most convenient part of the wall to visit, due to its close proximity to Beijing City.  Also located here is the Great Wall Museum and the Great Wall National Theatre.

    beijing great wall badaling

    The Temple of Heaven (Tiantan Park) – constructed in 1420, this temple is the largest remaining example of China’s sacrificial buildings. The temple is surrounded by a large wall, the northern part is semi-circular representing heaven, and the southern part is square and represents earth. For an excellent guide on The Temple of Heaven, visit:

    beijing temple of heaven

    The Summer Palace – one of the best preserved imperial palaces in China. It was built as a royal garden for relaxation and entertainment, and later became the main residence of the royal family.

    beijing summer palace

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  • People’s Square – Located at the centre of Shanghai city, People’s Square consists of an open square, the People’s Park and several unique buildings – including Shanghai City Hall, Shanghai Grand Theatre and Shanghai Museum.  The square is the ideal place to start your discovery of Shanghai.

    shanghai peoples palace

    Yuyuan Garden – Built in 1559, this Ming dynasty garden occupies 5 acres.  There are artificial mountains, ponds, rockeries and 40 buildings – an oasis of calm in a bustling city. In the Cuixiu Hall, visitors will find curio shops and food stalls.

    shanghai yuyuan temple

    Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street – This 1200 meter pedestrian street is the best place to experience Shanghai’s metropolitan style.

    nanjing road

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  • Museum of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses – First uncovered in 1974, over 6000 teracotta figures of horses and soldiers have been excavated in 3 pits. Built over the site where the Terracotta Army was found, the museum consists of Terracotta Pits 1, 2 and 3, an exhibition hall for terracotta horses and bronze chariots, and other related temporary exhibitions.

    xian terracotta army