Ghana Tourist Attractions

  • Accra, the capital city of Ghana, is a vibrant city full of historic sites, luxury hotels, busy markets, museums and markets. The city also stretches along the coast, making a trip to the beach easy and enjoyable.

    ghana accra

    Attractions in Accra include:

    • The National Museum – Collection of historical, cultural and archeological exhibits
    • Independence Square – Independence Arch and Memorial to the Unknown Soldier can be found here
    • Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum – resting place of the first president of Ghana, as well as a museum and statue of him
    • The Markets of Accra – there are many markets in Accra, but some of the most noteworthy are the Makola Market and the Osu Night Market, as well as the newly constructed Agbogbloshie Market.
    • The Osu Castle (Christiansborg) – a remarkable fort built by the Danish in the 17th Century
    • Cocoloco Beach – a natural paradise and breeding ground for turtles.

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  • The Volta region is one of Ghana’s most beautiful.  Compared to Accra, the towns are cleaner and less populated.   Most of the activities in the are eco-based.

    volta lake

    Adaklu Mountain

    Here is an opportunity for a genuine cultural experience – observe traditional ceremonies and participate in every day local life like weaving and bee-keeping. Homestays, meals, guided mountain tours, drumming performances and more are all available. Any income earned from tourism is reinvested in the community.

    adaklu mountain

    Wli Falls

    Wli is the highest waterfall in Ghana. The hike is adventure-filled, and your reward is a dip in the cool and refreshing waters.  The falls are situated 20km from Hohoe, in the Wli nature reserve.

    wli falls

    Other waterfalls in this region:

    Tagbo falls – Liate Wote
    Tsatsodu falls – 10km from Hohoe
    Aflambo falls –Leklebi
    Amedzofe – Abadzeme falls

    Tafi Monkey Village

    tafi monkey

    The village of Tafi Atome is surrounded by an indigenous tropical forest with very high floral concentration. In this forest True Mona Monkeys are found. The monkeys are sacred, considered messengers to the gods, and venture into the village daily.

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