GSA Travel Marketing Solutions offers you a complete service to market your company to local and international travel markets to both the consumer and travel trade on a variety of different platforms. 


The GSA Travel Trade Monthly is the only product of its kind in South Africa, and is our flagship product. This Trade Magazine revolutionised the way that Travel Agents and other Travel Industry Professionals accessed relevant information.  

Our consumer magazine, Travel Ideas, is distributed in one of the largest supermarkets in South Africa, Pick 'n Pay.  We are proud to be a part of their huge retail family.  

Print media is by no means a dying brand for Travel.  Recent research shows that Travel Brochures are still widely used and preferred by Travel Agents, Hotels and other Travel Industry users to provide information to clients and guests.  Our design studio can help you design and print your brochure, and disseminate them to our huge database of Travel Agents.  

Although travellers do a lot more online research than ever before, todays travellers (particularly the younger generations) are more likely to use the services of a Travel Agent. Promoting your company to Travel Agents is more important than ever. Our workshops are an ideal way to network with the Travel Trade. 

We have a variety of online solutions for advertisers who want to target consumers, the travel trade, or both.

Contact our experienced sales team now, and let them plan a marketing solution for you.  They can offer you advice on which products are best suited to you, how you can get the maximum exposure from us, and work out a personalised package for you.

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An In-depth Look at our Core Products

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the gsa

With more than 35 years travel industry experience, The GSA is a fantastically well connected travel marketing and media company based in South Africa. Our massive segmented database of Travel Industry Professionals, South African journalists & editors and consumers is unmatched by any other in South Africa. 

  • Approximately 1150 travel agencies in Southern Africa and abroad are paid subscribers to The GSA magazine each month, taking an average of four copies per office. Additional copies go to advertisers, tourist offices, consulates, airlines, other travel partners and training institutions.
  • Our newsletters are sent to over 6000 travel agents and other travel industry users each week. 
  • 66% of our users prefer The GSA Website over other online resources (based on a survey conducted February 2016)

The GSA magazine and website are working manuals for the travel and tourism industry and are used literally thousands of times per month throughout the sub-continent. Overseas offices of South African Tourism report that their copies of The GSA are in constant use and are indispensable. 

We put you in direct contact with the right market so that you can brand yourself to the travel industry. 

The GSA Magazine

Our monthly magazine has been trusted by the travel trade since 1979 and is still today, the preferred travel information source for thousands of travel agents & corporate travel buyers.

The GSA Website (

The website has been designed as a business tool for Travel Agents to easily access important information on visas, destinations, car rental, accommodation, cruising, skiing and other pertinent information. 

VIP Workshops

Our workshops connect Travel Agents, General Industry Users and Travel Suppliers. We understand the necessity of face-to-face marketing to build and maintain relationships. Don't miss these exciting networking opportunities.

GSA Connect:

Competitions, surveys, newsletter exposure, social media and more…

Competitions are a great and fun way of driving positive brand-reinforcement towards your business. It can increase traffic to your website / social media pages and it is a useful way of educating Travel Agents on your products. 

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Travel Ideas Magazine

Pick n Pay’s in-store travel magazine. Bought by thousands of travel enthusiasts on a bi-monthly basis

Travel Ideas Website (

Featuring amazing travel ideas, packages, competitions and specials on a daily basis 

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Our talented graphic designers will create a high-impact advertisement / brochures and other promotional material based on your objectives, message, target market, brand values and corporate identity.

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