Celebrity Cruises

COVID-19 Travel Advisory: Sailings suspended until 30 June 2021. Subject to change, please refer here: www.celebritycruises.com/travel-alert/voluntary-suspension-of-cruising

Celebrity reveals new worlds to you in a way no one else can. Engage in one of their cruise vacations and experience an incredible journey. Whether you enjoy hiking among ancient ruins, venturing to remote corners of the globe, or sipping cappuccino in a quaint sidewalk café, Celebrity takes you there with an unparalleled cruise experience.

Whatever cruise destination you choose, the experiences that await you when you sail with them will be as impressive and unique as the cruise line that brings them to you.

5* Luxury Freestyle
Capacity: 98 - 2 866 passengers
Currency onboard: US Dollars
Website: www.celebritycruises.com