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The Makola Market is a large and busy open-air market attended by traders from surrounding villages. The Osu Night Market is illuminated by hundreds of lanterns and candles. The Makola Market is a large and busy open-air market attended by traders from surrounding villages. The Osu Night Market is illuminated by hundreds of lanterns and candles. Go on safari. Owabi Wildlife Sanctuary, Bia National Park, Bui National Park, Mole Game Reserve and Kakum Nature Reserve are also all good options for hiking and exploring the savannah and rainforest. The Shai Hills Game Reserve can be explored on horseback. Explore Mole National Park, the largest and one of the best-equipped nature reserves.
Capital:  Accra (ACC)
Currency:  Ghana Cedi (GHS)
Language:  English. Several local languages are also spoken including Akan, Moshi-Dagomba, Ewe and Ga.
Dialling code from SA:  + 233
Time Zones: No GMT offset (2 hours behind South Africa)
Public Holidays 2022: 

Jan 1, 3, 7; Mar 6-7; Apr 15, 18; May 1-3; Jul 10; Aug 4; Sep 21; Dec 2, 25-26

Side of the Road: Right
Best Time to go: October to March
Best For: Spectacular coastline, UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Plugs: 220 volts AC, 50Hz; usually British-style plugs with three square pins
Drinking Water: Mains water in hotels and towns is safe to drink, however bottled water is available and recommended. Outside of the main towns, water may be contaminated.  Milk is unpasteurised.
Health: Medical facilities are very limited. Comprehensive health insurance is recommended and it should include emergency air evacuation coverage. It is advisable to carry any prescription medication you require with you along with a note from your doctor.
Customs: Dress should be conservative (particularly in the North) and respect to local customs should be shown. Ghanaians do most things with their right hand; eating, touching food, taking and receiving things, waving, shaking hands etc. The left hand is used for 'dirty things' and it is regarded as rude to use the left hand for the aforementioned things. Visitors to remote villages, shrines or palaces should visit the local elder or priest and take a small gift.
Local Offences / Laws: Permission should be sought before photographing military installations, government buildings or airports. Homosexuality is illegal. Civilians may not wear camouflage clothing.
Travel Tips / Warnings: Many official tourist sites charge addition fees for photography and/or use of a video camera. Check the local political situation before finalising travel plans and avoid protests.
Duty Free: The following goods may be imported into Ghana without incurring customs duty:
• 500g of cigarettes, cigars and tobacco.
• 375ml of spirits.
• 750ml of wine.
Prohibited Imports: Prohibited imports include infected animals and carcasses, beads of inflammable celluloid, raw coffee imported overland, coins not up to standard, contaminated food, knuckle dusters, literature considered scandalising, defamatory or demoralising, counterfeit money, obscene articles and dangerous weapons. Restricted imports include diamonds, films, gambling devices, plants and plant products, arms and ammunition, milk deficient in fat, animal traps and nets, and certain spirits (eg brandy, whisky and rum must have been stored in wood for at least three years).

Travel Alerts

Last updated: 07/09/2021

Entry permitted to passengers from all countries. Passengers need to pay in advance for a Covid-19 test taken upon arrival in Ghana.

Transit restrictions

  • Passengers are not permitted to transit through Ghana for more than one calendar day.

Form requirements

  • All passengers must submit a completed Health Declaration Form online prior to departure here. No paper copies are permitted.

Test requirements

  • Passengers must hold a negative RT-PCR digital test certificate obtained within 72 hours prior to arrival. Digital test certificates must be based on the African Union's Trusted Travel Guidelines and the United Nations Development Programme sponsored Global Haven Program. Passengers entering or transiting through Ghana from countries not yet part of the Trusted Travel initiative should use Global Haven for Covid-19 test results.
    • This does not apply to Ghanaian residents who have departed Ghana and return within 1 week.

Quarantine and testing on arrival

  • Passengers will be subject to temperature screening and a Covid-19 test on arrival. Passengers must present proof of payment (receipt) before boarding for the test on arrival. Payments must be made online here. Passengers who receive a positive test result must quarantine for 7 days and will receive treatment at a designated health facility or isolation centre.
    • Passengers aged under 5 years, passengers in transit and air crewmembers will not be required to take the test on arrival.
  • Ghanaian residents who have departed Ghana and return within 1 week will not be required to hold a negative test result prior to departure but will be subject to Covid-19 testing on arrival.
  • Nationals of Ghana who are not holding a negative test result must quarantine for 14 days on arrival.

Exit restrictions

  • Passengers departing Ghana will be subject to screening prior to departure. Passengers whose body temperature is above 38℃ may not be allowed to travel.
  • Only test results or test certificates bearing Trusted Travel or Biomars codes will be considered as valid for departure from Ghana. Passengers departing Ghana with a negative Covid-19 test result will not be permitted to travel if their test results do not include Trusted Travel or Biomars codes.

This Information is intended as a Guideline.

Issuing Authorities

High Commission of the Republic of Ghana
1038 Arcadia St, Hatfield 0083
Tel: (012) 342-5847/8/9/2590
Fax: (012) 342-5863
Consular Hours : Mon-Thur 0900-1200
Collections of visas: Mon-Thur 1330 - 1400
Submission of applications & collections of visas may only be carried out during the specified working consular hours.
The High Commission is CLOSED on fridays.

Visa Requirements

Visas are required by SA passport holders.


Please note that before embarking on the journey, the prospective traveller is to have been vaccinated against Yellow Fever and should be in possession of a valid certificate attesting that the bearer has had the vaccination for not less than 10 days prior to the journey.

Please note that visa applications can be applied for online. See and follow the steps !!! Once you have applied online, print the form and take with (as well as all the other required documents) to the Embassy.
Alternatively, Visas can be issued on arrival for USD180.00 for SA passport holders.

Online visa application instructions:
1. Complete the online visa application form (one per applicant), print and bring with all the required documents to the High Commission.
2. Ensure you have loaded the applicants PHOTOGRAPH before completing the main section of the online visa application form
3. Only image file types "jpeg", "jpg" and "png" are allowed
4.Take note of your visa reference number as you will need it in all official communications with respect to this online visa application.
5. Processing of the online visa application WILL only begin after all the relevant supporting document(s) and evidence of payment have been duly submitted at the Consular Section of the Ghana High Commission
in Pretoria.
6. Please note that successful completion and submission of a visa form does not guarantee issuance of visa.
7. You will receive a minimum of five (5) automatic notifications to the stated contact on the application form during the online visa application process.

*One duly completed application form that is filled in online, signed and dated accordingly.
*Passports must bear signatures of bearers and be valid a minimum of 6 months from date of departure. (Ensure there are at least 3 blank pages in the passport )
*Letter of invitation from person or institute in Ghana.
* Copies of return/onward ticket
**Applicants to take note of questions 3 and 7 on the application form !!
*Letter from present employer or educational institution confirming status. If self-employed, particulars of business legislation.
*Applicants under 18 years, require an authorization letter from both parents and a photocopy of parents' passports.
*The bank payment transaction slip (visa fee).
* Confirmation of hotel reservation
* Proof of financial means eg bank statement/payslip
* Copy of passport of the host (IF GHANAIAN) as well as copy of proof of residence as well as passport for non-Ghanaian hosts
*Photocopy of the bio-data page of the applicants passport.
NB SA passport holders are required to provide a copy of their ID as part of their visa application support documentation.
In many cases, an interview would be conducted.

UPLOAD ONLINE all copies of supporting documents and attach with passport for submission at the consular office .

The communication notifications occur as follows: The first notification is sent upon successful completion of the Online Visa Application.
A second notification acknowledgement is sent when your passport and all supporting document(s) are received at the Ghana High Commission, Consular Section in Pretoria.
The third notification is sent when the VISA Application is either approved or declined.
The fourth notification is sent to prompt applicant to pick up passport irrespective of the outcome.
A final notification is sent when the visa is collected from our offices. This is to acknowledge the collection of PASSPORT.
Please do not come to the Ghana High Commission to collect your passport unless you are in possession of this final notification.

You may also use your reference number to track the progress of your visa application on our website at

Visa Processing Time

5 working days (excluding day of submission). Transit visa: 5 working days
Express visa: 48 hours
All applicants, especially Media Personnel are advised to apply at least two weeks ahead of their scheduled date of departure to avoid disappointment.

Visa Validity

Single entry: 1 - 30 days
Multiple entry: dependent on an assessment of application (between 6 to 12 months)

Visa Cost

(visa fees are non-refundable)
Fees are to be paid into the Ghana bank account.
Name: Ghana High Commission
Bank: Standard Bank
Acc number: 012 120 448
Branch code: 01154515
REF: Visa reference number and applicants name .
The High Commission does not accept EFT or ATM payment. Pay at the actual bank and attach deposit slip to documents when submitting them.

Single entry (3 months): R900      Express R1750
Multiple entry (6 months): R1400.00  Express R2050
Multiple entry one year: R2400.00 Express R3550



SA Representative

South African High Commission
Speed House
No 1, 3rd Soula Street, Accra
Tel: +233 302 740 450/1

Travel Health

Compulsory:  Yellow Fever 
Recommended Travel Vaccines:  Hepatitis A & B, Meningitis, Rabies, Typhoid, Tetanus, Polio
  Malaria Risk