Last updated: 21 Dec 2021

Guinea Bissau


Guinea-Bissau is a small coastal country just to the South of Senegal where the people speak a host of local languages and Creole together with Portuguese and a little bit of French.

Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of Bissau, the capital. The Portuguese quarter, with its winding streets and Mediterranean-style houses, is worth a visit.

Guinea-Bissau’s beaches and wildlife are exceptional while West African traditions and Portuguese colonial remains can still be seen. On the coast, you can find fishing villages surrounded by forests, whereas further inland the country is dry and dusty.

Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of Bissau, the capital. The Portuguese quarter, with its winding streets and Mediterranean-style houses, is worth a visit.

Visit the Museum of African Artefacts, which is a treasure trove of traditional sculpture, pottery, weaving and basketware. Visit the Cantanhez Natural Park in Jemberem. This community-based conservation project was initiated to protect birds, monkeys and chimpanzees.
Capital:  Bissau (OXB)
Currency:  West African CFA Franc (XOF)
Language:  Portuguese. Guinean Creole, Balante and Fulani are also spoken.
Dialling code from SA:  + 245
Time Zones: No UTC / GMT offset (2 hours behind South Africa)
Public Holidays 2022:

Jan 1, 20; Mar 8; May 1, 3; Jul 10; Aug 3; Sep 24; Nov 14; Dec 25

Side of the Road: Right. (An International Driving Permit is recommended, although it is not legally required.)
Best Time to go: Late November – February
Best For: Beaches, Wildlife, Cultural Exploration
Plugs: Limited electricity supply on 220 volts AC, 50Hz. European-style plugs with two round pins are used.
Drinking Water: All water should be regarded as being potentially contaminated. Milk is unpasteurised. 
Health: Medical facilities are very limited. It is advisable to carry basic medical supplies.  Comprehensive health insurance is recommended and it should include emergency air evacuation coverage. Doctors will require cash payment regardless of whether you have health insurance.
Customs: Respect to religious and social customs should be shown.
Local Offences / Laws: Homosexuality is illegal.
Duty Free: The following goods can be imported into Guinea-Bissau without incurring customs duty:
• A reasonable quantity of tobacco products.
• A reasonable quantity of perfume in opened bottles.

Travel Alerts

Last updated: 06/09/2021

Passengers are required to hold a negative RT-PCR test certificate and will be subject to screening and testing on arrival.

Form requirements

  • Passengers travelling to Guinea-Bissau must complete a form with information related to their health status and contact details.

Test requirements

  • Passengers travelling to Guinea-Bissau must hold a negative RT-PCR test issued by an accredited laboratory obtained within 72 hours prior to departure.

Quarantine and testing on arrival

  • Passengers will be subject to a health screening on arrival, and if required, Covid-19 testing. Passengers who are required to test for Covid-19 must isolate at their accommodation until they receive the results of their test.

This Information is intended as a Guideline.

Visa Requirements

Visa application and payment is to be done online:

SA Representative

SA Embassy
CP 1334, Bissau,
Guinea Bissau
Tel: +245 66554-444

Travel Health

Compulsory:  Yellow Fever 
Recommended Travel Vaccines:  Hepatitis A & B, Meningitis, Rabies, Typhoid, Tetanus, Polio
  Malaria Risk